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From fresh hand made dumplings to hot stir fry, we got you all covered. Whether it's a noodle type of day, or just want some warmly cooked meals with rice. We got it all!


Our Mission

At kitchen master, we aim to serve you the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Ingredients are freshly selected, prepared, and cooked from scratch. We are dedicated to bringing our customer the freshest food, and the amost authentic Taiwanese taste. We gladly present to you our best version of the xiao long bao (house soup dumpling).

Our Vision

Taiwan is known for all the tasty street foods and authentic tastes. Our family is made up of food enthusiasts, and we the passion to try everything new. We are always finding new ways to explore new plating, new taste, and new tradition. Everything about food fascinates us. We decided to share this happiness that we found in food with our customers, and bring the foods we found fascinating and delicious to you.

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