Private Room Christmas Special Menu

Available throughout December 


$670 (10 - 12 people)

Order 3 days in advance. Limited to 2 per day.


六福拼盤 6 Kind Appetizer Platter 

雙龍蝦三明治 or 生魚片拼盤 Twin Lobster Sandwich or Sashimi Platter

鮮蝦豬肉小籠包 Pork & Shrimp Soup Dumpling

清蒸海上鮮 Fresh Steamed Whole Fish

全雞煲魚湯 Chicken & Abalone Soup

黑椒骰子牛 Black Pepper Steak

蔥油走地雞 or 燻全鴨 Whole Scallion Steamed Chicken or Smoked Whole Duck

時令時蔬 Stir Fry Seasonal Vegetable

油爆蝦 or 白灼蝦 Flash Fried Whole Shrimp or Steamed Whole Shrimp

鰻魚油飯 Broiled Eel on Sticky Rice

蜜汁排骨 Honey Glazed Ribs

水果拼盤 Assorted Fruit Platter

精美甜點雙拼 Chinese Dessert Combination

無酒精飲料 Non-Alcoholic Beverages


可加 Additional add-on:

帝王蟹三吃 King Crab three ways + $60/lb.

(Weight of crab will be determined when ordered)

-生魚片Sashimi style

-味曾湯 miso soup style

-薑蔥 Ginger and scallion steamed style


*18% gratuity will automatically be charged to parties with 6 or more.